Peter Piper and Presentations!

Wow, I cannot believe it is just the end of week 1!!! Our campers are doing so well and enjoying the activities, field trips and on-site projects. We finished the week out with our first trip to Peter Piper and got and participated in dinosaur themed activities- A lot of them were herbivores, so right on time with our theme.

Today we finished the week with the detectives using everything they learned this week to create their perfect plant. Using a variety of craft materials, they put together a model of their plant and then stood up and presented it. They decided where their plant lived, what it needed to survive and even named it. We heard creative names like white flower, Michael and even Elvis!! I was floored with how well our detectives handled standing up in front of the group and giving us information about their flower. This was an excellent way to work on goals like communication, staying on task, following directions, listening as well as creative expression.

We ended Friday with our Subway lunch delivery and watching the Peanuts movie!

If your camper did not bring home a grass buddy today, it was left behind at the camp site. We have a volunteer who took them home and will water them all weekend and we will send them home next week. Keep watering them and the hair will GROW!!

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the pictures and we have video to upload as well (have to figure that part out).

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