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Our summer program is in session and and enrollment is closed.  Please visit us next March for 2023 enrollment.

Our DTS program is designed for children and young adults ages 7-21 with developmental disabilities.  The program offers a variety of leisure, learning, socialization opportunities as well as community outings.  Activities include games, crafts, cooking and social groups.  

 Camp will begin June 1st!!! In addition to developing the high quality programming we are known for, we are also implementing additional safety and wellness protocols to keep our members and staff healthy!! 

-Non contact temperature checks

-Scheduled handwashing

-Smaller classrooms/group sizes

-An AM and PM session

-Hourly sanitizing of tables/surfaces

-Sanitizing vans after each trip

-Increased spacing inside of vans

-Private sessions for community outings

-Increased on-site field trips

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Previous Summer Fun!

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