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Attendant Care: This service allows a provider to assist a member maintain safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and complete activities of daily living. In providing this service, the provider might help the member get ready to start their day by assisting with bathing and dressing and/or complete housekeeping chores to assist the member in keeping a clean home.

Habilitation: This service uses a variety of methods designed to maximize the member's abilities. This service is typically offered in the member’s home and local community.  As a goal oiented service the member may work on skills like brushing their teeth, becoming independent using the bathroom or to cook a meal or learn money management. The services provided are specific to the member's goals.

Respite: This service provides supervised care for a member in order to relieve caregivers.  The trained provider can be scheduled so primary caregivers can enjoy a movie, go out to dinner, take a vacation or just be "off-duty". Respite may be provided overnight. This service may be provided in the person’s or an approved provider’s home. 


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